Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is a charming resort overlooking the Straits of Tiran at the beginning point of the Gulf of Aqaba. Its strategic importance led to its transformation from  a small fishing village into a major port and naval base for the Egyptian army (Egyptian  Navy). It was Occupied two times by Israel. first time during the Suez Crisis at 1956, when Israel attacked Sinai peninsula at the same time France and United Kingdom attacked The northern part of Egypt. at this time Sinai restored to Egypt in 1957. second time of occupation was at 1967 after 6 day war with Israel. at this time Sinai restored after the great war of 06th October 1973 against Israel.

Sharm El-Sheikh as a free part restored at 1982 after the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty of 1979. The United Nations peacekeeping force (MFO) Still subsequently stationed there.

Sharm el-Sheikh is one of  the most  favourite spot for snorkeling & diving activities  from all around the world. The most famous sites for snorkeling at sharm are the Tiran isalnd and the National park Ras Mohamed

Along side with this you can also do a lot of water sports in Sharm such as windsurf, Kitesurf, parasailing, banana boats and normal tubes ride.



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